Frequently Asked Questions

All Hindu singles, irrespective of caste, provincial background from India, language, race, age, country of origin, divorce status.

We will not discriminate based on ANY criteria. However, due to requests from attendees and the community, we will separate the attendees into different groups based on age, in the interest of not overwhelming attendees.

We need volunteers in every city to help advertise, promote, and conduct the event in their city.

The event is sponsored by donors from the Hindu community, hence is completely free of charge to all its attendees.

Yes, we encourage that in our meets; however, it is subject to space limitations, and priority is given to those that request it first. We request that this facility not be misused, and only those that need moral support request this.

We select a place based on how many have registered. We can handle large groups, as long as they registered in advance.

The attendees will be given a unique Identification Number, and could then be divided into various age groups (depending on the spread of the ages of attendees). They will then meet every person of the opposite gender in their group for 2-4 minutes. This will be prefaced or followed by, approximately an hour long social over refreshments. Before exiting, each attendee will indicate who they wish to follow up with by informing us of that person’s Identification Number. If there is a match from both sides, we will forward each other’s contact information to that pair, after which they are on their own to pursue and explore a match on their own terms. It works better for all involved if attendees do not exchange each other’s contact information during the event.

By emailing to , your full name, date of birth, email address, phone number. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be given out to anyone without your consent.

To keep you updated of event details, and to contact you if there are any change of schedules, location, etc.

To only use these events as a way to find a life partner who you look forward to marrying; to show up if registered; to call and let us know if you cannot make it so we can give your spot to the next person in line who we previously sent regrets to; to commit to helping the effort if you benefit from it; to agree to provide testimonials that we can use in our advertisements, and/or on our website.

Our volunteers are located all across the US.

Yes, but if your donations are accompanied by your volunteerism , that is more useful to Vivaha.

There are no such limitations, any Hindu single can come. In fact we encourage Hindu singles from all over the world to attend. A lot of happy and successful marriages are constantly taking place between Hindus from the US and the UK, India, SE Asia, Canada, etc.

Yes, we encourage that you visit events in diverse locations, so as to not run into the same individuals you did not find compatible in any previous meets you attended.

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